👋 The Lombkorona sétány is open only on weekends, but the slide is out of order. 👋

Lombkorona Sétány

Tree crown

We fondly greet every kind visitor on the educational trail of Makó’s canopy walkway which would lead you into a completely different world! For those who are regular hikers, the sight, the noises and smells of the forest would show no novelty; but for them and for those visitors who get to know the forest, it can be a novel experience to get to know the with the world of tree canopy from up close. The higher we get towards the upper levels of the canopy, the different the world becomes around us, other kinds of creatures, birds appear, but the same tree giant would show a different face as well, up between the sunny, windy branches of the canopy than looking upwards from the perspective of the leaf mold cover and the thick boles.

On the canopy walkway we may also find a suspension bridge, we may take a rest in the shady parts of „Onion Terrace” (Hagymaterasz), we can climb up to the sightseeing tower for a magnificient view or we can try the quickest way to descend, the tube slide built for the venturesome. We hope that everybody will enjoy the sights.


méter a sétány magassága


méter hosszú a sétány


méter magas a torony


Tickets and prices

Free, expect the slide which is occasionally 200HUF

Open hours

May 8:00-19:00
June 8:00-20:00
July 8:00-20:00
August 8:00-19:00
September 8:00-19:00
October 8:00-18:00

On the walkway the visitor may find the following stations

1. The tree crown promenade and educational trail: - The route’s description and map.
2. Gallery forests in the river valley - A presentation on Maros floodplain forests.
3. The levels of the forest - A guide to dhe floors of our vertical voyage.
4. Air hunters - Introduction to the world of predators from animal groups possessing aviation experience.
5. On the wings of winds - We may get to known with the beauties of airborne seeds, pollens and spores.
6. Hold on! - A presentation on the canopy’s flightless or less virtuoso airborne creatures.
7. Our singers - A guide to recognize birdsongs in the forest.
8. At night in the foliage - A little detour into the nightlife, among owls and bats.
9. Rooftop apartments - The hiding places of canopy inhabitants, natural and artifical nesting places.
10. Makó and the Maros - Returning to the ground of Maros floodplain, getting to know with the roots of the connection between the city and the river.


Phone number

+36 30 962 5171

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